Chronomite Mini Tank



Hot water when you need it, where you need it!

The Chronomite CMT Series point-of-use electric Mini Tanks are an everyday, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to most under the counter, point-of-use applications requiring hot water.


Available in the four sizes:


Chronomite Mini-Tank

CMT-1.3 1.3 Gallons

CMT-2.5 2.5 Gallons

CMT-4.0 4 Gallons

CMT-6.0 6 Gallons New Model!

Mini Tanks are designed to supply hot water for all bathrooms, hand washing stations and kitchen sinks in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Install the Chronomite CMT Series to eliminate the wait for hot water and reduce waste of water at the same time. Chronomite Mini Tank water heaters are lightweight, compact, manufactured for easy installation and designed to be mounted on the wall or vertically on the floor.

Chronomite CMT Series point-of-use electric Mini Tanks are supplied with cold water or in-line at point-of-use close to a sink.

Independent – Use a Chronomite Electric Mini Tank Water Heater at point-of-use for sinks that do not have hot water. Install the Chronomite Mini Tank close to the point-of-use, so hot water is delivered quickly. Plumb to one sink or multiple sinks in the same area.

In-line – Connection at the point-of-use eliminates the long wait for hot water from the central tank type of water heater. Plumb in-line with the central water heater. The Mini Tank is filled with hot water from the central water heater, conserving water and energy.

Mini Tank Features:

  • Point-of-Use Applications
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Adjustable Temperatures – 50° to 140°F (10° to 60°C)
  • Includes Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve
  • Provided Hanging Bracket
  • Power Plug Outlet Ready – 110/120 volts
  • Field Replaceable Heating Element
  • ½” NPT Connections

Mini Tank Benefits:

The main benefits of a Chronomite Electric Mini Tank Water Heater are not having to wait for hot water, and not wasting water while you wait for hot water to arrive!

Chronomite Mini Tanks:

  • Take up less space and fit comfortably under sinks or counters
  • Can be installed in-line with a tank-style water heater or a tankless water heater installed in a central location far from the point-of-use
  • Install with the cold-water line only
  • Eliminate the need for a costly recirculating system

Where to Use:

  • Institutions
  • Schools
  • Lavatories
  • Bathrooms
  • Medical Offices
  • Food Service
  • Commercial Warehouses
  • Modular Buildings
  • Kitchenettes
  • Utility Sinks
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Garages
  • Homes
  • Kitchens
  • Half Bathrooms
  • Powder Rooms
  • In-Law Suites
  • Cottages
  • RVs
  • Boats
  • Any Under The Sink Application

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